Birth From Above | A Collection of Overhead Birth Photographs / by Meredith Westin

You may not know this, but hiring a tall birth photographer has its advantages. Minneapolis and St. Paul have an abundance of birthplaces that my birth photography clients can choose from. Not only do the Twin Cities have several hospitals as well as a handful of fantastic birth centers, but we also have a ton of wonderful homebirth midwives who work in the area. We are fortunate to have such a progressive environment in which to be pregnant, giving birth, and adjusting to life as a parent and rediscovering ourselves in our postpartum time. The variety of wonderful Minnesota birthplaces gives me plenty of opportunities to be creative while I'm documenting births. One of my very favorite angles to capture is a shot of birth from above. Whether I'm preserving a bit of labor, delivery, or those beautiful first moments with your baby in your arms, there’s something so special about capturing this overhead perspective. Take a look if you like!

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