Friday Finds: jewelry for activists, traveling responsibly, the 3.5 rule, and more! / by Meredith Westin

What a week! Between the storms, the lunar eclipse, and the full moon, I was sure that my last three July clients would call me at some point but Nope! I didn’t hear from anyone until Thursday night! TBD on whether any of my clients give birth today. When I wasn’t waiting to be called to a birth, I was hard at work on some behind the scenes business stuff that I can’t announce quite yet that I’m SO EXCITED ABOUT. Check back in next week for more deets. Scroll on for links!


If you’re in Minneapolis and St. Paul, check out these fantastic businesses:

  • Hola Postpartum: a fantastic postpartum meal delivery service

  • Northern Natural Gardens: a sustainable landscape company specializing in native plants, pollinator gardens, and invasive plant removal and I am so stoked about their mission

  • Tare Market: helping the planet by providing resources to reduce waste

On a personal note, I’m offering a special on my intimate Real Postpartum sessions in celebration of the upcoming World Breastfeeding Week. I’d love it if you’d spread the word! Have a great weekend!