Friday Finds: the World Cup, #plasticfreejuly, easy recipes, and more! / by Meredith Westin

Friends, I was AMBIVALENT about celebrating the 4th of July this year. Instead of focusing on the aspects of the holiday that didn’t sit well with me, I took the opportunity to spend time with loved ones, swim in a big, beautiful lake, and contribute to a few deserving organizations. I was also on call for a few births and got to do a postpartum session with one of my June families. Keep scrolling to see some of the links that resonated with me this week.


If you’re local, check out these fantastic businesses:

  • Hola Postpartum: a fantastic postpartum meal delivery service

  • Northern Natural Gardens: a sustainable landscape company specializing in native plants, pollinator gardens, and invasive plant removal and I am so stoked about their mission

  • Hairy Poppins: a Dog Trainer Professional who geeks out on dog behavior and training. She uses evidence-based positive training techniques, and understands the importance of effective communication and consistency while working with and walking dogs. Serving South Minneapolis for walks and training.

Don’t forget to watch the World Cup final at 10 am on Sunday the 7th! Regardless of who you’re rooting for, supporting women’s sports is always a good call. On a personal note, I’m offering a special on my intimate Real Postpartum sessions in celebration of the upcoming World Breastfeeding Week. I’d love it if you’d spread the word! Have a great weekend!