Mere's Gift Guide: 2016

Local and not-so-local gift guide. These are a few of my favorite things! 



Made by Local Ladies and Gents (Minneapolis/St. Paul) 

Missy Monson

If I didn't already have a few of Missy's paintings and if my art collection wasn't already getting out of hand, I'd be all about adding this Summer Nights print to my walls.




Torey Erin

Torey's work is gorgeous. You can find it at Forage Modern Workshop on Lake Street.





Kiki Koyote

I would love to add these Latitude Earrings to my collection.




Love your neighbors and demonstrate your love with action. Start here.



Her Sail earrings are my favorite. See?



Lauren's handiwork is amazing and I love her Leda Earrings.




Hackwith Design House

I would like to spend half my life in this Knotted Dress...






Winsome Goods

...and the other half in this Knit Dress.








Fringe and Fettle:

Joanna's work is charming. I especially love her ceramic colanders




A Mano:

Louisa's spirit rocks are the perfect little gift for the gal who has everything.


Old Mill Candles:

These smell like heaven and I would like a lifetime supply please. Looks like they are taking a break right now so check back later!


Oh Dier:

William is one of the most skilled craftspeople I know. His serving trays are gorgeous.





Stangler Works:

I use my saltcellar daily.







Organized Period

Shannon's organizing services were a lifesaver when I moved into my new house at the beginning of the year. 


Other Midwest Makers (KCMO)

Convivial Production:

My house is dotted with Chentell's work. I especially like her hexagon dishes.







The Object Enthusiast:

Emily's pieces are lovely. This tray is calling my name.





Sweet Destructor:

I can't stop myself from buying Eve's charming bells.


Happy Habitat:

I have had this blanket for *years* and it's the best. The perfect weight, a great size, and it's made from recycled cotton! 







Bonus! (Toronto and Memphis)


This is the purse I use daily. Fantastic quality, perfect size. 






Go forth and boost your local economy! Vote with your dollars!

Ten Reasons to Add a Photographer to Your Birth Team: Meredith Westin Photography

1. Quality is important.

iPhone photos are great for your Facebook birth announcement but if you want to ensure you’ll have beautiful images from your middle-of-the-night, hours-long birth, you’ll want to hire a professional. I am experienced at shooting in dim lighting without using a flash, I have a camera and lenses that are designed for low light conditions, and I use professional software to help me process your images.

c section birth photography

2. Documenting the timeline.

I will document each detail of your birth, helping you to remember when and how things happened. This is also really helpful for establishing a timeline when you sit down to write your birth story. 

3. It's a time saver

After you have your baby, the last thing you want to do is sort through images, process them, and figure out what company you want to use to print your photos. Having me on your team means you don’t have to worry about any of this. I will have all of my best images of your birth edited, ready to print, and in your inbox soon after you have your baby. 

twin cities birth photography

4. I'll free up your birth team to help you birth. 

You birth team should be helping you birth. Whether it's rubbing your back, bringing you water, or, when things really start to get going, holding your leg while you push, your birth partner should be focused on you and not fiddling with a camera. Your birth team is also an important part of the birth story and should be included in the images.

twin cities birth photographer

5. Capturing the moments you miss.

I'm able to document the whole story, including things that you may never see without the photos, like big sister excitedly waiting to meet her new sibling or grandma tearing up as she tells your birth story in the waiting room. Or even better, the look on your face the moment you see your baby for the first time or seeing your partner hold your baby in their arms.

6. It happens quickly. 

One minute you’re at 3cm wondering how long it's be until you get to meet your baby and then whoa, your baby is in your arms! Well, maybe it doesn't happen that fast, but it sure feels like it when it’s over. Having photographs of your baby’s face right after birth, her squishy little nose, his little cone head, all those things that change so much in the first few hours after delivery ensures that you will always be able to remember exactly what your kiddo looked like the first time you met.

twin cities birth photography

7. I understand birth.

Birth photographers get birth. I have documented enough births to know the general pace that labor takes, I can prepare for certain photo opportunities that often arise, and I know how to respect the mood and energy of the birth space.

8. A different perspective.

Laboring mothers are very inwardly focused. You have the most important and hardest job, delivering a baby. Having a birth photographer present allows you to see your birth from a completely different perspective.

9. Memories fade.

Especially when you consider all of the hormones, endorphins, and sleep deprivation that are part of a new mother’s experience in the hours and days after birth, so many of the details of your baby’s birth story will fade. By having professional photographs, you’ll be able to look back and remember everything perfectly.

twin cities birth photography

10. It’s about emotion.

My primary focus as your birth photographer is capturing the emotion surrounding birth. The moment you see your partner holding your baby for the first time, the moment your baby is set on your chest, still slick and wet, the moment you find out if it's a boy or a girl... I want you to be able to look at your photos years from now and remember each emotion as if it happened yesterday.

twin cities birth photography

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BIRTH STORY: Nora + Mr. <3

Nora, you made it look easy.

I met these guys at the hospital around 3pm on November 5th and at 5:34pm, after lots of laughing and some good pushes, they had a baby. Their little guy weighed 7lbs 1oz at birth and, holy moly, does that kid have a lot of people who love him already. Seeing the joy on Nora's face when she held him for the first time, watching the proud papa gaze at him while the nurses cleaned him off, and witnessing his grandma's visit will stick with me forever. Welcome to the world, buddy. You are so loved. 

minneapolis birth photographer - nora mcinerny purmort (21 of 30).jpg
minneapolis birth photographer - nora mcinerny purmort (28 of 30).jpg

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BIRTH STORY: Justine + Jason

This fantastic couple welcomed their little guy into the world via c-section at 2:34am on November 22nd, 2016. He weighed a whopping 8lbs 14oz, measured 21 inches long, and has lungs on him like no other. His impressive cries were a welcome sound after Justine's long labor. Welcome to the world, Baby J! 

minneapolis birth photographer
minneapolis birth photographer
minneapolis birth photographer
minneapolis birth photographer - justine and jason (4 of 33).jpg

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BIRTH STORY: Kate + Reed

This perfect baby girl was born at 8:22pm on November 15th, 2016 after a surprise induction and 17+ hours of labor. She weighed 6lbs 1oz, measured 17.5 inches long, and is already displaying her mama's stubbornness and impressing everyone with her tenacity. Reed was an amazing birth partner to Kate, and Kate was strong and brave throughout her long labor. Welcome to the world, Willa Mae! 

minneapolis birth photographer - kate and reed (5 of 22).jpg

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a weekend at lake chetac

some friends and i scheduled a very well-timed trip to cabin country a few months ago. beautiful sights, sounds, and people were so welcome and so needed after the craziness of the election. the seemingly endless supply of whiskey was nice too. we woke up one morning to the sounds of trumpeter swans and i found myself wandering down to the water's edge to sit and watch the two pairs glide around on the water. their grace and beauty (and noisy trumpeting!) were just what this nature loving gal needed. later, i brought out my new tripod and experimented with some long-exposure night images on a *very* wobbly deck. more good things: the fresh air, night sky, and wind in the trees. good conversation, genuine laughter, the roaring fires. oh, and so much cheese in so many forms.