About Meredith

I want to encapsulate not just a day in your life, but also a moment in your life. Not just what you look like, but how you spend your time with the people you love. I believe in the power of photography. I believe in capturing moments and savoring memories. I won’t show up with a basket full of props. I want to see your son wrapped up in the blanket that his grandma knit for him. I want to see your daughter reading the book that her dad’s dad read to him. I want to help you remember everything that happened while you were in labor. I want to capture the look on your face when you see your baby for the very first time, when you find out if it's a boy or a girl, when you cut the cord. I want to document you and your family relaxing in your home or playing at your favorite park. I want our photographs to represent YOU. I want to capture your life and the real moments that happen in it. 

xox, Mere


What's next?

Photo by the ever-so-fantastic Leslie Plesser of Shuttersmack.