Frequently Asked Questions: Doula Services

by Meredith Westin


What training have you had?

I have completed the DONA doula workshop as well as childbirth education and breastfeeding classes. I have also gone through postpartum doula training and offer those services to my birth clients and as well as anyone who is in their fourth trimester. Additionally, I have attended a number of births both as a photographer and as a doula.

What are your fees? 

My birth doula services cost a flat rate of $1500.  

What services do you provide? 

Included in your doula fee: two prenatal meetings to establish expectations/create a birth plan/more, round the clock text and email support prior to your birth, in-person birth support at your home during early labor, continuous support throughout your labor and delivery up to two hours postpartum, breastfeeding advice and support, and up to two postpartum meetings depending on your need. You'll also receive access to my lending library, referrals to other local birth resources and professionals, and more! 

Are you available AROUND my due date?

Message me to find out! Because of the on-call nature of birth work, I choose to accept a limited number of clients per month so it's best to get the ball rolling ASAP if you are interested in hiring me as my calendar tends to fill up quickly! 

How many other clients do you have around this time?

I accept four birth clients per month. Because I can schedule them around births, I also accept a few bed rest clients, postpartum doula clients, and First Glimpse Session clients each month.

What made you decide to become a doula?

I began my career as a birth professional by photographing a friend's birth in November of 2016. It only took one afternoon to get me hooked. From there, I transitioned my photography business to focus exclusively on birth photography and began taking clients immediately. After documenting a few more births, I decided to go through doula training so that I would be more of an asset to my photo clients and now I'm providing doula services both in conjunction with my photography services (see: bundles) and separately. 

Would you be available to meet with me before the birth to discuss my birth plan?

Absolutely! As part of my doula services, we'll meet at least twice before you deliver to establish expectations, get to know each other, and write out a birth plan. 

What communities do you serve?  

I serve the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as nearby suburbs.

I'm planning to DELIVER at a hospital. Will you support me there?

It is a common misconception that doulas are for home births only. I support women and families who are planning to give birth at home, in a hospital, or at a birth center.

At what point WILL you join me in the labor process?  

I offer active labor support starting at home, or I will meet you at your hospital or birth center. It is my preference to spend as much time with you during your labor as you want. I will attend a planned home birth if you have a certified midwife present.   

How long do you stay after the birth?

I will stay for up to two hours following delivery. I tend to leave clients only after they feel settled in, are breastfeeding, and are ready for some alone time.

What happens if you are not available at the time I give birth?

I am involved in an amazing community of doulas who will gladly step in for me if, by some chance, I can't make it to your birth. 


Services Provided: The birth doula accompanies the woman in labor, provides emotional and physical support, suggests comfort measures and provides support and suggestions for the partner. Whenever possible, the doula provides pre- and post-partum emotional support, including explanation and discussion of practices and procedures and assistance in acquiring the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about her care. Additionally, as doulas do not “prescribe” treatment, any suggestions or information provided within the role of the doula must be done with the proviso that the doula advises her client to check with her primary care provider before using any application. 

Limits of Practice: Doula Standards apply to emotional, physical, and educational support only. The birth doula does not perform clinical or medical tasks, such as taking blood pressure or temperature, fetal heart tone checks, vaginal examinations or postpartum clinical care. 

Advocacy: The doula advocates for the client's wishes as expressed in her birth plan, in prenatal conversations, and intrapartum discussion, by encouraging her client to ask questions of her care provider and to express her preferences and concerns. The doula helps the mother incorporate changes in plans if and when the need arises and enhances the communication between client and care provider. The doula's advocacy role does not include the doula speaking instead of the client or making decisions for the client. The advocacy role is best described as support, information, and mediation or negotiation. 

Referrals: For client needs beyond the scope of the doula’s training, referrals will be made to appropriate resources.


Services Provided: The postpartum doula cares for the mother and her family in their home in the first few weeks following birth. The doula offers evidence-based education on newborn feeding, emotional and physical recovery from childbirth and other issues related to the postpartum period, and can make referrals if necessary. 

Limits of Practice: Postpartum Doula Standards apply to emotional, physical, and educational support only. The postpartum doula does not perform clinical or medical tasks, such as taking temperatures, blood pressure check, dosing medicine, or any other type of postpartum clinical care. The doula will state concerns to the family about any family member, including the baby.

Referrals: For client needs beyond the scope of the doula’s training, referrals will be made to appropriate resources.