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Client Survey

A quick reminder about when you should contact me...

Please send me a text when you feel like labor is beginning. This allows me to think about the next few days with your birth in mind. I won’t get in my car, but I will make sure that my bag is packed and ready by the door.

Once contractions have intensified and you’ve decided it’s time to call your midwife or head to the hospital, please send me a message or give me a call. My goal is to arrive when you are in active labor. This ensures that my presence won’t distract you or prevent your labor from advancing. If you aren’t sure if you’re in active labor, your care provider will be the best gauge. Below are a few rough guides that can hint at active labor (but remember, active labor looks different for each birthing person!)

  • Contractions are 3-4 minutes apart, for one hour

  • Contractions are too intense to walk or talk through

  • Contractions are accompanied with rectal pressure

  • Dilated to at least 6 centimeters

Remember, I need at least one hour's notice. Please don’t hesitate to contact me once you feel like active labor has begun.

My phone number is (612) 991-6367.

If you can't get ahold of me, try reaching out to Gina at (952) 250-1804.

include address if planning a home birth
month, day, year
first, second, third...
This will help me plan when to arrive at your birth. (early, overdue, c-section, birth plans, etc)
(Keep in mind that I will try my best to capture it but birth is unpredictable!)
provider names, family member names, etc
I sometimes bring snacks to births and would love to avoid anything that will cause problems.
These take place in your home a month before baby's EDD and a week or two after baby' birth. *No, we only want documentation at our birth *Prenatal photos only *Postpartum photos only *Prenatal and postpartum photos
*No, but thanks! *Prints *Videography *Birth Doula Services *Postpartum Doula Services *Real Postpartum session (raw, intimate, breast/babyfeeding)