Frequently Asked Questions about Birth Photography and Videography in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Have you seen my blog post about what questions to ask a birth photographer as you’re emailing and interviewing to find a perfect fit?

Ten Questions to Ask A Birth Photographer Before You Hire Them | What Do I Need to Know About Birth Photography?

Inquire About a Payment Plan

Set Up a Gift Registry

Propose a Trade or Barter

What is your photo sharing policy?

I will never share anything without your written permission. My contract comes standard with a no-share model release, and I will always check in with you after your birthing experience, not before, to see if you are willing to share specific images.

What if your gear fails at your birth?

I bring multiple cameras to each birth, just in case. I also carry extra lenses, batteries, memory cards, chargers, and flashes. If, after all that, I still can’t capture your story, you’ll get a refund.

What if it takes a really long time?

Then I’ll be with you for a really long time. That’s one of the many joys of being a birth photographer in Minneapolis; it’s so unpredictable. I never know when I’m going to be called in to document a birth and, once I’m there, I never know when I’ll be heading back home again. It’s such a thrill!

Do you have a dedicated backup?

I do! My doula partner, Gina of The Sown Seed, is an experienced birth photographer with a photojournalism degree. If she’s ill or already at a birth, I have a few other contracted backup birth photographers on my team in Minneapolis and St. Paul whose work I love and who I trust to represent me at your birth.

How many births have you attended?

As of April 2019, I’ve been the photographer at 100 births. I documented my first birth in November of 2016 and it’s been a whirlwind of preserving pivotal moments, empowering women to take charge of their births, helping the world open up their minds to the beauty of birth, and inspiring more human connection ever since.

Do you have professional training? What are your qualifications?

In addition to my years of experience as a photographer in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding suburbs, and my hands-on experiences at many births, I have also completed DONA birth doula training, CAPPA postpartum doula training, childbirth ed, breastfeeding ed, a Spinning Babies workshop for birth workers, HypnoBirthing doula training, and more!

When will we see our photos?

I’ll deliver a handful of sneak peeks within 24 hours of baby’s birth. Your full gallery will be ready within a few weeks of baby's birth.

Where can we see more of your birth photos?

Here is a selection of the births I’ve had the honor of documenting since the fall of 2016 organized by birthing location.

When should we book you?

Honestly, as soon as possible. My calendar fills up months in advance and I can only take a small number of clients per month.

What if I go into labor early?

Tell me. I’ll be there for you.

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