I will admit that I was initially hesitant to have someone in the room photographing *all of the things,* but now can’t imagine not having those beautiful, perfect images of our birth journey and the moment we met our sweet baby— and I’m so glad that I’ll be able to someday share the joy of that day with our daughter. I am so grateful that Meredith was there to so beautifully capture all of the varied and wild emotions of that special day (days, if I’m being honest). I can’t recommend her work highly enough.
— Brigid G.
I never considered hiring a birth photographer, doula, or anyone other than a doctor for my first birth. It was a whirlwind and I have very few hazy memories to piece together. When the opportunity presented itself for Meredith to document our second birth, I jumped at the chance. As my due date approached, and quickly passed, I became more anxious about what would happen, how many people would be in my birth space, what people would see, would the camera clicks get annoying, and so on. All my fears melted away when we gathered at the hospital (12 days past my due date!) ready to meet our little girl. Meredith added humor during the light-hearted moments and made herself blend into the background to capture the intense moments. She made herself available 24/7 prior to the birth and we always had an open line of communication regarding our preferences for birth photos and frequent baby updates. Meredith was professional with all hospital staff (so much so that they let her in the operating room for an unplanned c-section) and easily rolled with the punches of whatever came our way. She was able to capture moments that I vaguely remember happening. I will forever treasure our birth photos and highly recommend Meredith to anyone considering a birth photographer. You won’t regret it!
— Callie P.
I had a lot of ideas about the things I would and wouldn’t do when I was pregnant. Like, I’d never be a person with an all-terrain stroller and I’d never let my kids eat food that wasn’t grass-fed and organic. To be clear, I love my BOB and my toddler loves a McDonald’s happy meal with a four-piece nugget. I was sure, though, that I’d never want birth photos. Obviously, birth is personal. The only people who needed to be in that room are me, my person, and some medical professionals. And that’s how I did it with my first baby: just the necessary humans present. Which was fine — the result was a happy, healthy baby and some hazy memories. I don’t know WHY I wanted birth photos this time, but I did. And a small part of me was of course worried that it would somehow be a distraction — you know, a person with a camera in the room while my body expels a small stowaway — but nope, I was wrong again. Meredith has an incredible gift of presence. She’s a calm, peaceful force, as present as the moment calls for, without being told. Yes, at one point during the birth I was a cliche who told the father of my child to please stop speaking or touching me until further notice, but I was always, always grateful for Meredith’s presence in that room. And the result was a beautiful collection of moments captured that I would never remember otherwise, those subtle and intense moments alike, that bring the whole experience back to me (with way less pain). Thank you, Meredith.
— Nora M.
I’ve known Meredith as a talented concert photographer for years, so I was already familiar with her aptitude for capturing fast-paced live events with a thorough and artistic eye. More importantly, though, we were comfortable with her presence. I was VERY guarded when it came to who was allowed in our space during such a sacred time, but when Meredith offered up her services, I didn’t hesitate to bring her on board. She has a genuine, easy-going nature that provides a touch of comfort — if you even notice she’s there at all. She’s also remarkably good at disappearing into the background of the action. The photos we got back were so moving and special. It meant so much to have that blur of activity and magic captured on camera, not only for this first-time mom, but also for my own mom who was not able to travel in time to join us in the delivery room. I feel empowered when I look at these photos. We will cherish those moments forever — the good, the bad, and the ugly among them. 🙂
— Kate M.
Meredith is an artistic photographer with a great eye for light. She made her presence very subtle in the room. She occasionally would touch base with us to ask about our preferences, and came with ideas. She obviously loves children and families. She was very professional in her interactions with hospital staff, and made sure to stay out of the way for the safety of mom and baby.
— Reed F.
Having Meredith there for my one and only birth was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. While it took me 6 weeks to convince my husband to accept a photographer in the birthing room, it was worth it. I knew that I was going to be exhausted and emotionally wasted from labor, and wanted to make sure that I captured this photographic memory for me. Meredith’s artistic eye captured our special day in such a beautiful, professional, loving, and captivating way. The black and white photographs captured the emotions of our son’s birth, and I can’t recommend her services and creative eye enough! She was completely respectful of the whole stressful event, and I’m so glad she was there for us. Well worth it to savor this moment in print forever. In my opinion, a MUST DO for any mom out there.
— Justine L.

Mini-Session: Jessica, Nick, and Rowan

I have nothing but positive things to say about our session with Meredith. She was very warm and cordial, and it felt much more like we were all just hanging out that that we were in a “photo shoot.” Meredith was very thoughtful on on her gentle direction and she asked lots of thoughtful questions that brought joy and smiles because what parent doesn’t love talking about their lil’ bub?

Mere’s photos were dreamy and sharp at the same time. And she got them to us so fast! Really, I think people think anyone can be a photographer these days with smartphones and all but it’s just not true. Photos that make you have real feelings take talent, and Meredith has it!
— Jessica B.
My husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Meredith for our family pictures with our 1-year-old son!

Meredith was calm, and happy, and amazing with our kiddo. She gets the most genuine pictures and some amazing candids. Even the pictures where none of us could manage to look at the camera...were gold!

She gave us the best pictures and edited all the ones we chose from that batch. She’s easy to work with and has an amazing talent for photography. You’d be remiss if you went with any photographer other than Meredith. She’s the best!
— Shannon H.