My prenatal and postpartum mini-sessions are about love. They're about your real life. They showcase what you and your home and your family looked like in those days just before and after baby's birth. Unstructured, casual, and fun; no need to put on matching outfits or clean the house. You'll gather on the bed, tickle the babies, and smooch their lovely little faces. Maybe your toddler talks with her hands and you want to capture it for all time. Maybe your not-so-little-anymore boy twirls his hair or sucks his fingers and you want to preserve a little bit of his sweetness before he gets any bigger. Maybe your fur baby is about to become a big sibling to a new baby and you want to celebrate all she's been for you before life changes in a major way. If in-home sessions aren't your jam, choose to have me document your baby shower or a midwife appointment before baby comes or a follow-up appointment after baby's birth.


Mini-session details: up to one hour | a handful of images | $300*

*$250 with purchase of a birth package

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